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Nimbol Online busuiness systems
NIMBOL Online business syetem

Turn your site into an online business

Let's build your online business with one web based platform which gives you complete access and full control. Nimbol is designed and built for online business success.

Nimbol is an online business system designed to help small and medium size businesses to get more out of their corporate  websites.  Nimbol is a SAAS (software as a service)  base platform which gives users complete control of the website and acts as an online hub for your marketing with an easy to use interface.

How do you know if Nimbol is right for you?

The five most common wishes for a website and 1 big question:

  1. I wish to know how many people visited our site yesterday and what pages they looked at. 
  2. I wish my site to capture leads and then help me manage and market to them automatically. 
  3. I wish to lower our support and admin costs by having our customers help themselves on our site before they call us. 
  4. I wish to update and add content to my site without having to rely on our web designer - not to mention the time delays and fees. 
  5. I wish to start selling online without a lot of hassle

The Big Question: How do I get on the first page of Google? 

Ask no more > View a Nimbol Overview Video to learn more!


Everything is designed to work together easily and intuitively while leaving you the power to create some really cool stuff. Heck, we built this site with the NIMBOL Online Business System.

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Did you know?

NIMBOL is an online, hosted content management system that allows you to:

  • Take direct control using the CMS administration
  • Create blogs and forums as required
  • Run an online store, accept payments, and track interactions
  • Automatically build a customer database
  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Use our template based solution 

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